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Ultra Sound:

This is the use of high frequency sound waves which increase blood flow for increased nutrition and fuel delivery and to soften scar tissue and breakup adhesions. It also softens scar tissue and relieves pain.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation:

There are many different types of electrical stimulation for many conditions:

  1. Low Volt – used for reducing muscle spasm and pain relief.
  2. High Volt Galvanic – used for reducing muscle spasm.
  3. Russian Stimulation – used for strengthening muscles in "Pre"-rehab.
  4. Interferential – is electrical stimulation, which reduces pain and swelling.
  5. Iontophoresis – also is a pain and swelling reduction technique.
  6. Micro Current – Increases cellular metabolism to speed healing.


This is used to reduce pressure in the spine with conditions with spinal arthritis and disc injuries. Sciatica and more. Traction also helps the intervertebral disc rehabilitation and increasing blood flow to the intrinsic structures of the spine.

Intersegmental Traction:

This is like a roller massage table, also referred to as Combi-tables which employ heat, vibration and intersegmental traction. This increases blood flow to the discs, spinal ligaments and musculature. This also stretches and softens scar tissue, ligaments muscles and intervertebral discs also intersegmental traction activates acupuncture associated meridians on the back which help the body heal.


Diathermy is a form of shortwave elector-magnetic energy. It is used to raise the temperature of soft tissues below the skin's surface. The Diathermy energy field passes through softer surface tissues and turns to heat when reaching more dense tissues. The heat increases circulation and helps to speed the healing process.
It helps increase range of motion and decrease muscle spasm by relaxing muscles and connective tissues. Diathermy dilates the blood vessels, thus improving circulation and increasing metabolism and waste removal. It stimulates white blood cell production and helps to prevent adhesions and scar tissue. Overall, Diathermy helps to speed the healing process.

Hot Packs

These relax muscles, increase blood flow, and speed healing.

Cold Packs:

Used for decreasing pain and reducing swelling.


We are proud to have a full-time licensed massage therapist on staff  We also have may other referrals for qualified Licensed Massage Therapists in the event of timely needed treatment when our LMT busy schedule can not accommodate.