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If you suffer from headaches, scheduling a chiropractic spinal checkup with Dr. Williams is one of the best things you can do to address the problem. Dr. Williams safe, gentle and drugless methods have helped countless migraine and tension headache sufferers over the years.

Muscle Tension Headaches
Many things can cause a headache, ranging from strong smells and intense lights to sinus trouble and high blood pressure. However, the most common cause of headache is muscle tension - 'stress headaches' make up 90% of all headaches.

Pain from a headache does not come from the brain - that organ cannot feel sensation. There are veins and arteries inside the brain and skull, as well as membranes that wrap around the brain and nerves in the head called cranial nerves. When any of these are pulled, stretched, compressed, irritated, inflamed or infected, headaches often result.

The Chiropractic Approach
Millions of headache sufferers are turning to the natural, drugless chiropractic approach to health. Chiropractors are the only healing professionals who are trained to analyze and correct the Vertebral Subluxation Complex - often the root cause for chronic headaches.

At your initial appointment, Dr. Williams will use his hands, X-ray and other instruments to analyze your spine and determine if Vertebral Subluxation Complex could be causing your headaches. He will then perform a series of customized chiropractic spinal adjustment to correct the Vertebral Subluxations, removing the nerve pressure and spinal distortions - and relieving your headache symptoms. Once the nerve and spinal stress caused by the Vertebral Subluxations is removed, your body will be able to restore itself to a greater level of health and wholeness.